ETA PA City EDGE El Shikh Zayed Etapa

ETA PA  City Edge Etapa Etapa Shikh Zayed ETA PA City EDGE

The concept driven from the belief that Nature and Cities can co-exist,

ETA PA brings a new residential concept with an authentic vision to the real estate scene in Shekih Zayed City.

 A new living concept that responds to those submerged in the modern life to immerse themselves into the physical beauty and the inherent unity of the natural world.

ETA PA is taking a leap of imagination in order to bring nature and city in one frame through innovative urban planning, unique architecture style, smart design choices, and the genuine community it aspires.

ETA PA is daring to ask how it would feel when your home becomes your daily getaway.

An opportunity to live a best life that is uncomplicated, detailed and True !

كمبوند ايتاب الشيخ زايد ايتابا سيتي ايدج

Master Plan

 Our Master Plan Inspired by its name (ETA PA)  ( Spanish word ) to Stages reacted in its land elevation,

Our residential project is laid out on 77 acres of land on a 22 meters higher platform than its surroundings allow residents to rise above it all.

Tel:  01098329178