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El karma 4 Compound

Badr El Dine Company for Real Estate.

Compound El Karma 4 enjoys a prestigious location in Zayed City,From the highest hill in Zayed,it offers spectacular views ranging from Smart Village to Downtown Cairo that are unlikely to be surpassed.

Compound El Karma 4’s design and construction materials and artisan ship with vision and flair.It’s buildings exemplifies truly elegant and intelligent design.

كمبوند الكرمة4  التوين هاوس  و فلل المستقلةمقدم 50% استلام فوري
والباقي تسهيلات خمس سنوات
نصف تشطيب
 مساحة كمبوند الكرمة 4 – 62 فدان

El karma 4 Compound




Tel:  01098329178